An Overberg town interspersed in history.

Nestled at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains, lies Swellendam, the third oldest magisterial district (after Cape Town and Stellenbosch) in South Africa. It is known for its youngberries, architecture, rich history, beautiful nature scenes and outdoor activities. Today this historical town is a popular place to retire and serves as a retreat for many artists seeking peace and quiet.

Swellendam has hundreds of historic buildings, with the grander ones in High Street and the historic area. The Drostdy buildings were erected on the banks of the Koornlands River around 1746, soon after the establishment of the district as a Drostdy. Today it houses the Swellendam Museum. On these Drostdy grounds stands a T-shaped homestead, now used as a restaurant. It is a reconstruction of one of the finest houses in the district, Zandvliet, near Ashton. The Zanddrift house dates back to a probable building date of 1768. The fine homestead had been standing empty for many years and seemed destined to go to ruin when the Drostdy Museum decided to dismantle it and transport it to Swellendam. Rebuilt on a site opposite the Drostdy, it is a very convincing reconstruction.

Places of interest

There are lots of things to do in Swellendam, be it sport, nature, fine food or history! Places of interest include the Sulina Faerie Sanctuary. This special faerie and angel healing sanctuary provides an ideal family experience. It is situated in a house and the garden reveals scenes of faeries, elves and other mythical beings.

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