Our Authorised Share Capital on 31 March 2021.

This is divided into:

120 Ordinay shares – R120 million

1 000 000 Preference shares – R1.5 billion

 100 000 Redeemable Preference Shares – R150 million

Investors note: All shares are unlisted, certificated and mortgage secured.

Kindly note:

Ordinary and redeemable shares are sold and bought with the express intention of strategic investment for capital growth and not short term profit-making.

Preference shares are reserved for long term profit and retention.

Current Offers




Future Offers

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Put & Call Share Options

If you are interested in securing a share, please get in touch with us.  You can secure a share option for only R10 000. You can call the option whenever you are interested in investing in one of our new projects.

Option fees are not refundable if you cancel the option agreement prior to the closing date.

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Syndication Shares

Investment opportunities often arise in properties with unique features, such as private nature reserves, game reserves, and tourism accommodation. At the High Option, we do not believe in joint-ownership where a usage right is allocated in an undivided share based on time. We offer syndication shares in properties where the shareholder has the life-time right to a unit within the property.

All syndication shares are cash only purchases and we do not entertain buyers requiring a mortgage bond.

In its smallest form, syndication shares of 4 are allocated. If a property then costs R5 million, each share is R1,25 million and entitles the shareholder to a footprint upon which a house or lodge can be erected for exclusive use. The use thereof is up to the shareholder. It can be used as primary home, or rented out on Airbnb for own profit.

The common costs are shared by the shareholders, and includes rates and taxes, maintenance and utility bills like water and electricity.

Syndication Shares are secured by a first mortgage over the property in favor of the shareholders. In most cases the property is owned by a private company, as a wholly owned subsidiary and any profit on the sale of the property is payable to the syndication shareholders directly as a settlement of the first mortgage.