We offer an attractive investment opportunities for investors preferring medium to long term strategic investments and niche real estate.

Our business is made up of Acquisitions and Operations, and predominently focused on the Western Cape of South Africa, where the political and socio-economic climate is less volatile.

Our primary investment focus is:

  • High-End tourism destinations
  • Private Nature & Game Reserves and Conservancies
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Student Accommodation
  • Mixed Use developments
  • Commercial & Light Industrial Developments
  • Self-Storage Units


Our Acquisitions currently stands at R75 million of which a few is under Offer. These properties are carefully selected based on its operational income potential and 5 to 20 year exit strategy. Our exit strategies are based on future value, or future development value with a minimum operational asset lifespan of 10 years.

Buying is made on the likelihood to achieve a minimum return on capital of 23.5% linked to appreciation of 8% per annum on retained assets.

Development Funding

Our preferred method of operation is to include joint-venture partners in our own share capital at reasonable rates of redemption linked to the prime lending rate. Alternatively, developments are funded using normal funding channels.


Our key strategy is to create retention from each project, giving us a long term income and asset appreciation.

Our Operations are managed by our subsidiaries with the sole purpose to generate revenue on the retained assets we own. These revenues ideally would be in the form of a direct long term lease or third-party lease agreements.

In most cases the lease agreements are directly between us and our subsidiaries and joint-venture partners.