At The High Option, we believe in people. We believe business is for people, and some people are for business. It therefore goes without saying that our business model revolves around creating business and, aligned to our strategy of creating a Contactless work environment, allowing others to benefit from these businesses.

Our subsidiary companies, some of which are wholly owned, provides the infrastructure and support needed to make every business opportunity sustainable.

Our risk lies in the poor performing economy, the reduced value of the South African Rand, and the current global lockdown.

Our opportunities lie in the strategic timing of our current Initial Public Offering ahead of the Post-Covid global business world.

Our capital investment lies in fixed and digital assets or cyber-assets and e-commerce inventory and stock.

Our operating revenue is derived from sales of inventory and digital assets and the provision of services to support the various business entities we invested in as well as those we provide to our clients.

Our Capital Growth lies in the fixed assets and the resale value of digital assets.