The High Option Ltd. boasts a portfolio of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC’s) or Digital Assets. These Digital Assets forms the basis of our Value and continues to grow our Nett Asset Value.

Current Digital Assets

Currently active and valued at $1 809, Businessworks provide ITC Risk management services in South Africa.

Valued at $1 069 with almost 160 products, Greatermans offers a selection of Radio Controlled Scale Model Boats, Trailers and Vehicles.


Featuring the latest trends in real estate investment, management and rentals, PropertyWeb is valued at $1 932.






No information available at this time. Valued at $272



Digital Assets as Works in Progress

Operating exclusively in the Western Cape of South Africa, Buurtveiligheid is an innovative Neighbourhood Watch involving local or gated communities to provide and maintain safer living areas. Buurtveiligheid is valued at $150.



This English edition of BuurtVeiligheid offers the same neighbourhood safety program, which includes a Train the Trainer program for Child Safety. It is still under development and valued at $1 151. Deriving its revenue from household membership, the project hopes to have an annual gross revenue of R15 million.

The Fun Yard Inc. is a dual function business with an E-commerce store selling “playpark” equipment, while a Community Investment project is planned for 2022 to create private playparks in local communities.





Valued at $715, Gravity Safety is a Retailing franchised E-Commerce Store offering a variety of Safety Equipment, Instruments and Clothing. Franchises are available internationally from 1 October 2020.



Currently valued at $1072 with R10 000 in stock, Toy City is the first franchised E-Commerce of the company.

Franchises are available at R18 500 in South Africa only.




Digital Assets as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

Our portfolio of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are destined to become fully fledged privately owned companies with an authorised share capital of 1 000 units, of which 30% will be retained by The High Option.

Launching August 2020

Health & Safety Central is the latest offering from The High Option Ltd. Investments in this E-Commerce Marketplace is currently open. is currently valued at $70 and is expected to fetch $2 000 by the end of 2020.


Future projects

Initial Valuation of SPAC’s within the DAP:

The Nett value of our digital assets are determined by InternetX, a third party analytical tool used to calculate the value of a digital asset based on its internet ranking. These values excludes the value of the Intellectual Property and Subscriber database connected to each asset.

Recent Acquisitions

Cygma – Recently valued at $2 438 the company secured a 80% stake in this innovative Internet Services Provider. Operating as a reseller, Cygma offers affordable webhosting. A rebranding is planned in September 2020 in consultation with a potential new business partner.

A 20% share is currently on offer to a single investor with the exit strategy of converting Cygma to a Proprietory Limited company with 1000 ordinary shares.


Current values of all Digital Assets as at 7 August 2020 provided by InternetX = ZAR 389 615

This does not include the value of the content, subscriber databasis or goodwill, which is accounted for separately.